Anonymous asked:

I have to go back to start my third year in college and I'm so unmotivated cause summer's been a blast. could I see some motivational jimmy gifs?

fallontonight answered:

Hey there - of course!

Motivational GIFs - you want ‘em? Well, we’ve got ‘em!

Now first of all, don’t forget:


Even Emma Stone agrees.


And Emma Stone has some wisdom of her own…


And never forget…


But know matter how hard you work, always make time for a little:


You GOT this, pal!

- Rachael

To Those Who Keep Us Hangin’

Hi this is just a general message to people out there.  I’ve been dealing with hearing two sides of a story none of it being consistent.  The one thing I will say is don’t ever string people along or send mixed messages.  Saying “I don’t even know anymore” doesn’t make you thoughtful and deep; it makes you look indecisive, it makes you look like a brat.  Plus worst you are hurting people that care about you, making them evolve to what ever you want without ever changing yourself.  Why don’t you be straight forward and then we can all move on to something better than you.